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The Power of College Basketball

KevinWare¬† In no time, Kevin Ward, a guard for the Louisville basketball team,¬†earned the hopes and prayers of what seems to be the entire nation following a devastating injury early in the first half that all the major sports stations promised not to re-run. As I watched the 20-somethings in front the television tweet, text, talk and watch as the drama unfolded, I saw first hand the opportunity and dilemma of today’s marketers. And of course in now time, there was Kevin’s new Facebook page:

While the drama of sports is what keeps its fans glued to the tube, it is also what has made live sports must attend television viewing. At the same time, live sports isn’t watched on its own. We watch with numerous devices in front of us — an extended way to share the experience. As Easter dinner went on around us, half the assembled at Easter dinner at a friends house were nestled around the big screen TV watching the Louisville/Duke game. According to USA Today this year’s NCAA playoffs are television ratings busters. And the Louisville/Duke game is top of the chart — today,

Reassuringly, the action wasn’t all that was discussed. As with the superbowl, the advertising also became central to the conversation with many smart marketers hopping on the game in novel ways. A special call out to Buffalo Chicken Wings Grill for at the moment branding – a subtitled ad during Michigan’s come from behind overtime win over Kansas noted: “Overtime! Who expected this?”(Or something like that). It would be so much more of a win for the brand if I’d had been able to find the ad online and share it with you…

Opportunities gained. Opportunities lost.


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