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The Good News

Food_4_Less_End_CapWhile inside a huge meeting room hundreds listened to a great line up of speakers at this years #4AsTransformation conference, outside the meeting room is where all the business gets done.

According to my seat mate on the way home from New Orleans, a private meeting with the TV Broadcast Association and one of the top Media Agency CEO’s led to the revelation of good news — for the TV industry at least.

It’s well known that the largest percentage of most consumer packaged goods marketers budgets goes to retail — the end caps, the end-aisle kiosks, special shelf positions, etc. What Mr. Big Media Guy said to the sellers of tv time is that as more and more consumers do their shopping by internet, marketers will stop spending so much on in-store marketing, freeing dollars to go back to the only medium where reach is guaranteed — television. Unfortunately, its still a couple years off, so word to the sellers is “patience.”


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