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PR and Advertising

Yesterday’s news that independent agency Allen & Gerritsen was acquiring PR agency Neiman Group is the latest recognition of the growing importance of PR as a discipline central to advertising today. As a PR practitioner working closely to promote ad agencies themselves, I have frequently found myself extorting my clients to build PR into their client offering to drive new streams of revenue.

When PR took ownership of Social Media and demonstrated how important it is to marketing, gaining the ear and wallet of corporate marketers, it was like a switch went “on.” Suddenly agencies got it. Corporate Communications departments have become the new masters of the brand. Their growing power is based on listening to its customers and consumers, and driving unearned media – a commodity that has grown in value and importance.

As a smaller more nimble agency, Allen & Gerritsen doesn’t have the silos and overlays that get in the way of larger agencies delivering seamless ideas and execution to clients. The all important “signed scope of work” that keeps PR from being a more engaged participant at big shops, will hopefully be seen as business development investment by A&G, resulting in broader client engagements that drive results on all sides. Can’t wait to see this in action.


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